Seeing the leaked Windows 9 screenshots I was impressed by what I saw -- for people like me that are impressed by attractive interface, would also be impressed by these windows 9 screenshots.

The screen shots were obtained from myce website. myce got its hands on two new screen shots reportedly from "Windows Threshold", the code name for the next version of Windows. There's no assurance that these are the real deal, but a number of Web sites, including the Verge, report they are authentic. myce reports that these new screenshots were from build 9795, compiled on July 13, and from the team responsible for interface design and windowed apps. You'll notice that the screen shots are labelled as Windows 8, but that's nothing more than a placeholder.

The start menu is different from the one in Windows 8 and it also looks like the one that was displayed at Microsoft's Build conference in April.
Users of laptops and PCs would find the Windows 9 more efficient with the improved start menu. Instead of the conventional start menu, the new one has been improved with metro-style apps for easier navigation

The other leaked screenshot shows that the store app can be used without always going to full screen mode which means it can be used with other apps.

The Windows 9 OS is expected by early 2015.

Source: ComputerWorld


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