How to Create a CON Folder in Windows?

Have you ever tried to create a CON folder or any folder with names such as
"con", "prn", "nul" "com1″ "com2″ "lpt1″ etc. but failed? Is it impossible to create folders with such names in windows?
Well, the answer is NO and YES! NO because, when create a new folder and try to rename it to any one of the above specified names, you know what happens! In Windows XP the folder name automatically changes back to "New Folder" no matter you try to renaming it any number of times. Where as in case of Windows Vista and Windows 7, when you try to rename the file you get an error message saying "The specified device name is invalid". What is the reason behind this? Simple, these names represent the internal devices of the operating system and hence we cannot create folders with the above names. YES because it is still possible to create these folders using some simple methods as explained below:

1. Using the Command Prompt:

Here is a step-by-step procedure to create
the "con" folder using the command prompt:

1. Go to the command prompt:

2. Type in the command prompt (For ex.
To create a folder in the E: drive by
name: "CON")
C:\>md \\.\e:\con
NOTE: "con" can be replaced by any
other names such as "prn", "nul" "com1″
"com2″ "lpt1″ etc.

3. In case if you wish to delete the folder,
use the following command:
C:\>rd \\.\e:\con
NOTE: This folder can only be deleted from
the command prompt. You cannot remove it by
right-click delete.

2. Using ALT Key and Numeric Keypad:
You can also use the Alt key and the Numeric
keypad to accomplish the same job in a much
easier way. Here is how you can do it:

1. Create a New folder (Right-click ->
New -> Folder)

2. Once the new folder is created, right-
click on it and select the option

3. Hold down the ALT key and type 0160
from the numeric keypad (ALT+0160)
and release the ALT key.

4. Now, the folder name should go blank so
that you can type any name of your
choice such as "con", "prn" "nul" etc. and
press Enter. That's it, you're done!

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