Install Chrome Extensions in Opera (and Vice Versa)

Good day people, today i will be writing in how to install google chrome extensions on opera Installing Chrome extensions in Opera 15 is easy: First, install
the Chrome Extension Installer for Opera Next 15. Then go to
the Chrome Web Store and install whatever you want. The
Web Store won't complain that you need a supported browser
or anything—it'll just work. The extension you want will
download and install, and it'll work normally.
To install Opera Next extensions in Chrome, you'll need to
download the Opera extension file, rename it, and install it in
1) First, make sure Opera Next is installed.
2) Then, go to the new Opera add-ons page. You have to visit
this specific page in Opera Next—this is important because
the page auto-detects which version you're using, and will only
show you compatible extensions for that version of Opera. To
get the extensions that'll also work in Chrome, you have to use
Opera 15 to browse the store..
3) When you find one, instead of clicking "Add to Opera,"
right-click the button and select "Save Linked Content As..."
and save the .nex extension file somewhere you can get to it.
4) Grab the .nex file and rename it to end in .crx.
5) Open Chrome, and drag and drop the .crx file onto Chrome.
You'll be prompted to review the permissions before
installing it, but that should be all.
That's all there is to it. The process works pretty quickly, and
the downside of going from Opera to Chrome is that you need
both installed. Still, it's worth noting that the Opera add-ons
page is pretty sparse when it comes to Opera Next add-ons
right now, mostly because Opera 15 is still in active
development. It'll fill up pretty quickly, and with time you'll
be able to find extensions there you may not find for Chrome.
Even so, right now this is a bit more useful for getting your
favorite Chrome extensions into Opera if you want to give the
new engine a whirl.


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