HOW To Protect Your Computer From Keyloggers

What is Keylogger?

Keylogger is basically a software tool
which clones your key strokes
pressed and writes them into log
files. Some smart or simply say
advanced keyloggers are retrieves
the saved passwords in web
browsers and other windows
applications. Hackers use keyloggers
to hack users email account
passwords and other passwords and
monitor their day to day activity.

How the Keylogger Works?

Lets explain this in very simple way,
Whenever you press any key on your
keyboard or laptop your machine
generates a simple key code which
depends on the keyboard format you
are using. That key code tell your
operating system that you have
pressed a particular key. Now what
keylogger does it save your key
stroke into a file. Now further
processing depends upon type of
Basically there are two types of keyloggers:
1. Physical keylogger
2. Remote Keylogger

The above processing is same for
both physical and remote keyloggers.
The difference lies in how they are
gonna use a log file.

Physical keyloggers:-

It requires physical access to a
victim's system, so that hacker can
install it manually. He may be your
friend, brother, sister or some close
one who actually has physical access
to your PC or laptop. Now for getting
logs also he has to manually access
your PC to check logs. But nowadays
few good physical keyloggers are
there which sends logs on email
address. So nowadays we only need
one time Physical access and that's
just to install Keylogger and
configure an email address to send

Remote keyloggers:-

These keylogger are a bit different as
there name suggest they can be
installed from remote, means you
don't need any physical access.
Remote keyloggers during
configuration generates a server that
we can send to victim and which
does not need any installation.
Remote keylogger maintains the
records into log files and when
victim connects to internet it send
the logs to hacker's email address or
FTP account that he has putted
during configuration time to receive


As we all know new keyloggers are
always FUD (fully undetectable) so
our antivirus doesn't show any
warning messages while infection. So
the best method to protect yourself
from keyloggers is that encrypt your
key strokes by using key scramblers.
What a keylogger does is that it
monitors key strokes, so when we
encrypt our key strokes, Hacker will
still receive logs but that garbage as
our keys are encrypted and hence he
doesn't get anything and victim will
remain safe from his keylogger.
Let's understand it with example.
Suppose you have typed:
What key scrambler will do? It will
Encrypt your each key pressed into
some garbage code and keylogger
will get this as something like:
So friends what scrambler has done
is that it has encrypted your
keystrokes and saved you from
getting prey to hackers. Secure and
protect yourself from keyloggers as
you cannot avoid them what you can
just do is fool them by encrypting
your keystrokes.


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