Send friend request to your mutual friends and unknown people even you are BLOCKED!!!

1. Get the person's email address first .
2. Visit Add Personal Contacts as
3. Here you can send friend request
even if your are
blocked by using their email address.
4. If you want to send friend request to
lot's of friends
here is an quick and easy way to do this.
5. Open up a new notepad file,paste all
your friends
email separated by comma (,)
6. Save the notepad file with the
extension .vcf
7. This is your list of your contact files
containing your
friends email address.
8. Go to Add Personal Contacts as
Friends click on the
last option other tools there you can find
upload contact
9. Browse your .vcf file and upload to the
10. It will send friend request to your
friend's by email
and facebook.


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