Download on wordpress sites free

This method works on ALL WORDPRESS SITES.

Yep, it is this powerful Now, what you want to do is find your WP site where it"hides"your precious download file.

With this method you won't have to give your email/register to any site ever again.

 Now what you want to do is: Type in the address bar, the following: Code: Just replace"targetdomain"with the actual domain you want to download from.

 For example, lets say the website where you want to download things from Is, all you will type in the address bar is With that code, you are forcing the WP site to search for all posts containing the word"download"[You can change"download"to whatever you want ] And you will get a list of posts on that domain with, VERY PROBABLE, the file you were looking for Now, go and try it for yourself on any WP site with a download file!!! This method works on ALL WP sites!! That means, you can try it on Clickbank sites, Internet Marketers sites, and much more!!!!


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