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Many of the peoples wants to Earn Online. Here I am gonna teach you how to Earn Online Money $$$..

1) First of all sign up any ptc(paid to click) site. PTC sites are the sites which pays you for clicking on advertisements. Miost of the PTC sites often pays from 0.001$ to $0.1$ per click or per advertisement you view. They often upto 20-50 ads daily depending on your activeness.

Some of the trusted well known PTC sites are:



Click Daily You have to click every day to earn from any PTC program. This is even more important if you are still without any referrals in the beginning. At the same time, ensure that you get not less than 100 clicks to start having DRs.Yoy can consider renting your very first three referrals after earning $0.6. If you make ($0.001 for every ad x 5 ads each day x 120 days)=$0.60
If you make ($0.001 for every ad x 5 ads each day x 120 days)=$0.60 


Rent Referrals On earning the $.60, rent your first three referrals and turn the autopay on. The charge for maintaining referrals is just $0.3 monthly. You don’t have to worry about paying the referrals because they cover their own bills if the autopay is on; you will make less by a penny from each, just ensure they don’t become inactive. Standard members make$0.005 for each click from each one of their RRs. Clicks from referrals:0.005 for every ad x 4 ads each day x 3 = $0.06 on a daily basis You will be earning a total of $0.06 per day


Keep Renting Don’t stop renting the referrals and increasing the number by three whenever you have the funds. If you can afford it, go for larger packages which should be done gradually as you make more money. RR packages are in the diverserangesfrom3, 10, 20, 40…keep doing this until you get 300 referrals-which is likely to take several months to accomplish but you shouldn’t give because many people yield at this point. Your earnings will shoot to $6 each day! 
Referral clicks; 0.005 for each ad x 4 ads daily x 300 referrals = $6 daily 
Your Total Daily Earnings $6 


Upgrade to Golden As a golden member, you will make two times in referrals. Therefore, you will get $0.01 for each referral click as opposed to 0.005 and $0.01on individual clicks and not just $0.001! 
Referral clicks: 0.01 daily x 4 ads each day x 500 referrals = $20 daily 
Personal clicks:0.01 daily x 10 ads each day = $0.10 every day 
Sum daily earnings:20.00 + 0.10 = $20.10 per day 

3) GetDirect Referrals At No Cost 

There is no better way to get DRs at no cost than by using the Traffic Exchanges.The principle here is very simple; just by browse a number of websites, earn 1 credit for every visit and for each credit, you receive one view back to your website. It has been noted that most referrals will stop clicking ads mainly because they are compelled to join Neobux. It is important to only attract the interested persons by advertising on TE sites. Since the referrals will be motivated to click, your clicking average will in the end increase. 

There are several websites we recommend for this purpose, some discussed below:

Click here to join http://www.easyhits4u.com/?ref=sbokade17 

Considered one of the best and globally acknowledged traffic exchange sites, EasyHits4u has a broad range of user base with more than 400,000 registered members. There are lots of possible referrals one can get from their easy-to-use system with lots of tools to help you promote your website. Sign up is easy….it is worth your effort 

4) Common Drawbacks to Avoid 

1. Early Direct Referrals Most newbies commit this heinous mistake. It is only possible to go for DRs after having been registered for at least 30 days with at least 100 clicks. We highly suggest that you familiarize yourself with the Neobux’s rules and FAQ to get used to the rules of the game. 

2. Cashing Out too Early This mistake is mostly committed by impatient persons. It is usually motivated by the desire to establish whether Neobux is bona fide or not. Some withdraw as less as $1.00 but why have a dollar in your Paypal account if you could have used it to rent referrals? 

3. Inconsistency or Giving up altogether One of the magical rules of PTC is consistency. If you are the type that will skip days without clicking on ads, especially when you are just getting started, you sure may not profit. Every day you skip will negatively affect your progress and the overall game plan to success is hindered. You must be motivated to remain active-read our free newsletter on how to remain motivated. 



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