GTA V: Bad patch update affect performance

The game ran fine and smooth at 60 fps before ill gotten gains patch. And now the game suffers massive slow downs at intersections, when using ammunation, and just in general.

 According to a range of gamers on Reddit and the Steam Community (as first reported by PC Gamer), the latest patch for Grand Theft Auto V, version 1.28, has seriously degraded the performance of the game. Many users are reporting frame rate reductions and micro-stuttering after applying the patch; issues which Rockstar Games are currently looking in to.

It's not currently known what is causing the performance issues in GTA V, although some users have speculated that Rockstar's increased anti-cheating and anti-modding measures have had an impact on performance. This doesn't seem to fully explain the issues, though, as people playing the game without mods are still reporting serious issues with performance.

The issues gamers are currently facing with GTA V are especially disappointing considering the long delay between the game's launch on consoles and PC. It seemed that Rockstar had fixed most performance problems by delaying the game until April this year, but unfortunately quality control on subsequent patches hasn't been up to scratch.

To resolve the performance issues, some users have downgraded their version of GTA V by reinstalling the game and only applying patches up to version 1.27. However this is tricky to achieve for users who own the game through Steam, and downgrading the game prevents users from accessing GTA V's online features. Hopefully Rockstar Games can resolve the issues with Grand Theft Auto V through a new patch as quickly as possible. According to the creator of GTA V LCPDFR Mod, the
performance reduction is a result of an addition of new anti- modding technology by Rockstar Games. The Facebook page of LCPD First Response Mod (LCPDFR) states that the upcoming Mod has been delayed by the developers owing to “protections against modding introduced in the first update, which Includes a whopping 3 MB of junk code.”

A Reddit user “Causeless” somewhat simplified the issue of “Junk Code” as stated above. The clarification is not easy to understand but will make sense to someone who has a bit of knowledge about coding.

The post explains: On the technical side the game internally uses heavy scripting even without mods, as it is what separates the gameplay code from the engine-level code – so assuming the creators of LCPDFR are correct, both the vanilla game and mods will be heavily affected, as they both go through the same function calls and pipeline to communicate with the engine. The usage of these scripting functions in modding probably isn’t actually intended by Rockstar, which is why to use mods you must install a scripthook which essentially tells the mods where to find the scripting functions to use. In fact, to create a scripthook actually requires reverse-engineering the game’s binary .dll files. Assuming it is true, the increased complexity and “dead code” is may be part of efforts to try and reduce modding and/or hacking, as the scripthooks cannot be created as easily – the modders reverse-engineering the game cannot easily tell what code is critical and what code is “dead”.

 On the other end, Rockstar support page lists that they are still looking into the issue and will intimate the fans and start working on the fix as soon as they identify a problem. Lastly, it is important to note here that the performance suffers even if there are no Mods installed. With that being said, stay tuned for more news and updates on GTA V and do share your views with us in the comments section. Source:


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